Notes of Praise for November

I'm a fall and winter kind of girl.  I do not like hot weather!  However, having said that I wouldn't like to live where there aren’t four seasons. The four seasons are the life cycle of nature - from new birth in the spring to death in the winter. Whatever season of life you are in I hope you can truly say God has been good to you. However, His blessings do not only come in the sunny days of our life, sometimes His blessings come through times of rain and storms. In those times we may have to look a little harder to find them but they are there. God said we are to give thanks for EVERYTHING for it is His will for us in Christ Jesus. In the month of November, we are counting every blessing. God's blessings on our church, His blessings on our nation, His blessings on our life - and yes, even His blessings that come in the stormy seasons!


Worship Leader