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Led By Thankfulness

(Psalm 100:4) Enter His gates with thanksgiving; go into His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name.   Worship begins with attitude. The psalmist is writing a charge to all who worship God to approach Him as someone who is thankful for all He has done and is doing in their lives. The truth is, our entire outlook depends on the attitude that we project. Many years ago I remember “Amber” sunglasses came out. I bought a pair and I could not believe how bright everything looked because I was so used to “dark” sunglasses. Although I do not remember what I did with those sunglasses, I do remember the view.   As you approach God in your devotions, Bible studies, worship services, prayer and service, do so with thankfulness. Like this verse says, “Enter His Gates” (You have make the choice to approach Him), “go into His courts with praise” (Be thankful for what He has done before you ask Him to do what you want Him to do). Praise His name! (As you lift Him u

On The Road Again!

Yesterday marked a milestone in our church.   A few of our Senior Adults ventured out to go to see Dennis Swanberg at Seneca Baptist Church and have lunch afterward.  It was a great ministry event!  These ladies are some of the most bravest and courageous women I know because all but two and myself were involved in that horrible accident over a year ago.  We all agreed that we had to get back on the bus to not give the devil or fear victory.  God is greater and I am so proud of these women! - Pastor James