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Free Family Devotions For These Days of Uncertainty

Good morning church. I ran across this link today from the SBC North American Mission Board. It is 4 downloadable family devotions you can lead with your family. It is step by step and laid out really well. This is a free resource. Enjoy! - Pastor James Devotions Link

Press On Instead of Feeling Oppressed - Sermon and Notes from March 29, Facebook Live

As Recorded On Facebook Live and Downloaded To Our YouTube Channel Theme It is easy to feel like the world is out to get us and that our walls are closing in during days like today with the Pandemic of the #Coronavirus.  We do our best to be responsible and stay informed and sometimes we may forget it for awhile until we go to a grocery store or see streets that usually are stopped with traffic now flowing freely.  The apostle Paul teaches us in today’s passage to view all that happens to us as opportunities for growth.  During these tough days we must keep a “pressing on” perspective for our sake and those around us.  This is only possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Resources Sermon Notes @ Audio is taken from a facebook live event on our church's facebook page.

Thought For Sunday As We Go Into The Weekend

As God is preparing the message for Sunday's "Facebook Live" Worship I wanted to share a thought with you.  The title will be "Press On Instead of Feeling Oppressed" from Philippians 3.  Remember this . . . I have great news for you today Christian! Put your hand on your chest and feel the air go in and out of your lungs.  Feel the pulse on your neck or your wrist.  Look at what is around you! Look at “Who” is within you!   You and I are alive, and given another opportunity to experience all that God has for us! Philippians 3:14 New Living Translation "I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us." I look forward to worshiping with you all Sunday and unpacking this with you. There will be some friendly faces helping out this week too :)  Make sure your kiddos watch the beginning, Amy Fortner will share a word just for them.  Enjoy your weekend as much as you can an

Facebook Live Wednesday Night Bible Study Tonight on Revenge

Join Us For Bible Study and Prayer on Facebook Live Tonight! If you want a break from #coronavirus news for a little while, join us for Bible Study and Prayer online tonight.  Our church has been walking through the story of Samson in the bible.  He is notorious for losing his God given "superhero" strength by letting his girlfriend cut his hair.  How in the world would he let her do that?  The truth is we see in his life a pattern of poor choices that led to poorer ones.  Tonight we look at his choice of revenge.  Following the Bible Study we will have a time of prayer and requests.  Anyone is welcome as we continue to take our church beyond our walls.

Where Is God In The Coronavirus? Sermon and Notes from March 22, Facebook Live

A Word From Our Pastor: We must remember in days like these, the church is not the walls and buildings that we gather in.  The church is the followers of Jesus who take the live saving message of Jesus to this world through our words and actions.  Due to the corona viurs we may not be able to physically gather together, but that will not stop us from worshiping together.  I have included the video rebroadcast of our facbook live service time toghether.  Please enjoy and share as possible and as always, if the Lord speaks to your hear, please share it with myself or your Pastor.  God Bless! Pastor James Theme For The Sermon: The coronavirus has impacted our world in ways we have never dreamed.  The effects of it will be long lasting, but as believers we have hope today.  God is in the middle of this virus and He is calling us to return to Him! Sermon Notes From The YouVersion Bible App Can Be Found @ Please join us on facebook next

Our Church Was Vandalized Last Night

Good afternoon.  I wanted to share with our church family and community that our church was vandalized last night.  It appears they were attempting to break in by throwing bricks through the front glass doors and one of the stained glass windows.  Fortunately, the bricks scratched the glass on the door and window but they did not break.   I want to thank our grounds keep Hayes Lawn-care for bringing this to our attention and the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department for their prompt response. A police report was filed and we are making arrangements to enhance our property for the future.   Take a moment to thank God for His protection and pray that God may reach whoever did this.  God's grace is big enough for everyone. For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.  (Psalm 84:11 NLT) We must remember that God is in control and we must trust Him in the good and the bad. These

HPBC Response To The CoronaVirus

Greetings Church Family, I am writing to you to inform you on how our church is choosing to respond to the heightened warnings and restrictions regarding the CoronaVirus Pandemic.  Like many of you, our understanding of this virus is “growing” along with everyone else.  Yesterday afternoon Governor McMaster and his team addressed the state with more mandates and suggestions regarding the public assembly of people.  After hearing his instructions, our leadership met to pray and plan for our updated response.  The Bible says: James 1:5 (NLT) If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. We definitely need wisdom during these days and God has delivered.  What I share with you is a result of our leadership seeking to honor God and those He has entrusted us with. Gatherings and Events At this time all gatherings for all ministries and outside events have been cancelled from March 18th - April 2nd.  During this time our

WMU Prayer Emphasis for March

WMU Prayer Emphasis North American Mission Board: Michael Higgins, North Carolina International Mission Board: Janet Brown, European Peoples “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING”

Mission Action for March

UNDER HIS WINGS Mission Action Our Mission Action for the month of March will be for Under His Wings. This is an eight-week in-house program for women with life-controlling addictions and is a ministry of Haven of Rest. They can use: Canned Fruits, Canned Vegetables, Coffee (Regular or Decaf), Sugar, Creamer, Sweet and Lo Sweetener, Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Kleenex, Bathroom Tissue, Snack Items, Kool-Aid, Microwave Popcorn, Good Christian Books, Bibles (Preferably NIV), and Clean, Use-able Dresses for Church (Sizes 16, 18, and 20). Please leave any of the above in the Bible Study Office.  

Birthdays and Anniversaries for March

Birthdays Matthew Franks        3/1 Tammy Sanders        3/3 Al Harrell                  3/5 Alex Sellers               3/6 Chris Marlow             3/8 Weldon Sellers          3/15 Kyleigh Culberson      3/17 Triston Culberson      3/17 Jerry Geddings          3/17 Matt Turner              3/17 Mary Finley               3/19 Gail Keaton               3/22 Sandra Sellers           3/24 Ann Turner               3/30 Bonnie Evans            3/31 Anniversaries Jerry & Clair Stamps       3/8 Will & Anna Artman        3/16

2020 Nursery Graduating Class

We are so blessed to have these children and their families in our fellowship. Our leadership is beginning a Children's Church during our morning worship service and these are our first class! Aren't they cute!