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You Are The Light of The World

Dear church family, I can remember praying together for God to make our church relevant in our community.  I shared the question with you that keeps me up at night. “If our church were to shut its doors today, would anyone in the community notice?”  Our church has a long tradition of being at the center of our community but a lot that has been mentioned about it is of the glory days of the past.  It warms my heart to say we are still making in-roads into our community.  Every event, every outreach, every worship service and every prayer meeting reinforces our commitment to God, each other and our community.  It is great to see visitors feel welcome enough to come back and community members seeing our church as a light in our community.  We are not going anywhere! We are going to minister where God has planted us and pray for God to bring others to help with the harvest.  Our church is the body of Christ and we need every part.  Thank you for your love, devotion and service.  Ma

Our Church Bus Is Recommissioned

Our church experienced an emotional and touching service this past Sunday as we recommissioned our church bus for ministry.  For those that do not know, at the end of September 2016 this bus was carrying the Pastor and a group of Senior adults on a day trip to Helen, Ga.  While traveling on I-85 they were in a terrible accident.  Many of our members were hospitalized and one eventually passed away.  This has been a difficult time for our church, however God is not done with HPBC yet. Our church has experienced the love and support of our members, other churches, our community and far above what we could have imagined.  Why did God allow this to happen?  That is the wrong question to ask because there will never be a concrete answer on this side of heaven. We continue to press on, give God the glory and trust that He knows best. All throughout the Bible, God has instructed His followers to build altars.  Altars are places of worship that remind us of how God has worked in our li

Mother's Day Schedule

MOTHER’S DAY Sunday, May 14th 9:30 AM  Bible Study 10:30 AM  Morning Worship Service We will have Baby Dedication during the Morning Worship Service. We will not have an Evening Worship Service.

Mission Action for May

Mission Action Our Mission Action for the month of May will be for South Main Chapel and Mercy Center. They can use: Bathroom Tissue, Kleenex, Paper Towels, Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, Coffee, Sugar, Creamer, Pop-Tarts, Bottled Water, Office Supplies such as Copy Paper, Paper Clips, White Out Correction Fluid, and Scotch Tape. Please leave any of these in the Bible Study Office.   

Birthdays and Anniversaries for May

Birthdays Sierra James                               5/4 Betty Sanders                             5/11 Heather Brickman                       5/14 Nora Lee Stamps                        5/15 Jimmy Turner                             5/16 Cory Holmes                               5/19 Leisa Evans                                5/25 Shirley Williams                         5/25 Jimmie Crocker                           5/28 Amber Whiten                             5/31 Anniversaries Odell & Shirley Williams               5/23 Arthur & Lou Ellen Higgins           5/27 Frank & Martha Morgan               5/29

Do Christians Suffer From Depression?

Join us tonight at 6:30pm as we continue our "Managing Our Emotions" series by Timothy Peck, with JoHannah Reardon Let God's word unmask the truth about depression in the life of the believer and how to handle it as we walk through the Psalms together.

Homeland Park Community Gives Back To Our Church

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a great thing that has happened at our church.  For some time the Homeland Park Community Watch Group has been utilizing our fellowship hall to conduct their monthly meetings.  Many of our members attend as well.  We believe the best way to reach the community is to be in the community.  The Groups leader Walter Lanier along with other leaders saw the need our youth had to have some new basketball to play with.  To some it may not seem like much but to the youth of our community is is a great gift.  I wanted to thank Walt and his group for their gift of support and love. In Him, Pastor James Read this post from Walter Lanier Thank you to all those who helped out to buy new basketballs for the youth group at Homeland Park Baptist Church.   We had enough to buy new nets, basketball pumps and extra pump needles.  It is greatly appreciated. All the kids weren't here tonight. We took some photos for you to see your donation at work

All Wednesday Night Services Are Cancelled For April 5

Issued @ 11:20 am on Wednesday - April 5, 2017 A weather warning remains in effect for today and throughout the night for severe thunderstorms, flooding and the possibility of tornadoes. For the safety of our church family we are cancelling all evening services tonight. Weather Link

Easter Worship Celebration

Easter Worship Celebration BASIN OF GRACE The Water - The Wine - The Blood Easter Sunday, April 16th 10:30 AM Homeland Park Baptist Church

Mission Action for April

Mission Action Our Mission Action for the month of April will be for “Clean Start”. This is a non-profit ministry here in Anderson supported by churches and individuals. Anyone that is homeless or in a home without power or water can go there and get a bath. They can use: Disposable Razors, Bath Soap, Towels, Travel Size Deodorant, Bathroom Tissue, Baby Oil, Washcloths, and Sneaker Shoes. Please leave any items in the Bible Study Office.   

Birthdays and Anniversaries for April

Birthdays Joan Whitlock                 4/2 Nancy Nixon                   4/3 Linda McLees                  4/6 Faye Watts                     4/7 Carson Adams                4/9 Katie Holmes                  4/20 Pansy Nix                       4/21 Becky Scoggins               4/23 Martha Morgan               4/26 Anniversaries Newt & Sherry Partain     4/27

Finding Hope In A Graveyard

Losing Dad last December was one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through.  That experience put me in the club with many of you who are reading this today.  The club of those who have lost a parent.  The whole experience still seems like a blur but each day I receive a little more clarity and resolution.  Throughout the ordeal I was in what I call “Pastor Mode”.  Keeping my feelings in check and being strong for everyone.  As I look back now I was not strong, but weak.  Without God’s strength and peace I would have been lost.  I wasn’t carrying others, He was carrying me.  With all of that said, I finally had my breakdown moment when I saw my Father’s grave marker.  There, in front of me, the mausoleum confirmed that he is gone. I praise God, my heavenly Father, for the fact that my earthly father is with Him.  Yes, that is a comfort I share with others who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.  At times the words, “he is in the place” represented what I knew in my head bu