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Pastor's Post for January 2023 - It Is Time To Ask Some Big Questions

Photo by JĂșnior Ferreira on Unsplash The days have never been brighter to serve God at Homeland Park Baptist Church. God has continued to give us a rich legacy of people who have faithfully served God to get us to where we are.  Now is the time for the next generation to do the same.  Day by day and event by event we see new faces stepping up to help with the work of the church.  We must reconnect to the mission our church was born from which was a church plant ministering to a hurting community.  Yes times have changed, but the gospel message is still clear.   In the next few weeks we need to honestly answer three questions. 1) What are the unique needs and opportunities where God has placed us? 2) What are the unique capabilities that God brings together in us? 3) What particular focus most energizes and animates our leadership?  I am praying for God to bring the men and women of all ages in our church to honestly answer these questions in hopes of clearly communicating a shared mis