July 28, 2015

Weekly Youth Update: 7/27-8/2

This past Saturday, the youth went to Six Flags over Georgia for a sun-splashed, fun, and hot excursion through roller coasters and water slides! Our trip provided fellowship and a day of fun memories which we pray will bond the students together and in the future will provide opportunities for continued Gospel proclamation to the students and their friends. Later this week, I’ll post some pictures recapping the event.

Wednesday night, the youth will meet for Bible study in the Loft of the Family Life Center from 6:30-7:30! If you’d like to hang out beforehand, arrive at 6:00 in the gym. This week, we will be looking at Psalm 24 during our study. We hope that you join us and invite your friends for a night worshipping God through studying His Word!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be completing our fall semester schedule. In the meantime, circle August 22-23 on your calendar. On Sunday afternoon, August 23, we will host our Fall Out of Summer Spectacular at the church! This is our biggest yearly outreach and has led to deep relationships in our community. On Saturday, August 22, we will go through the community letting people know of the outreach.

If you have any questions about the Bible study, fall schedule, or the Fall Out of Summer Spectacular, please email me at jason@homelandparkbc.org!


Mission Action for August 2015


The Mission Action Project for the month of August will be school supplies, including backpacks. A supply list for all District V schools will be available Sunday. These items will be distributed at the Fall Out of Summer Spectacular on Sunday, August 23rd. 

The August emphasis for Operation Christmas Child is pens, pencils and erasers.

Please leave these in the Bible Study Office.

Echoes Of Mercy - 5th Sunday Night Singing in The Park August 30th

5th Sunday Night Singing in The Park
Sunday, August 30th  6:00 PM
Echoes Of Mercy
Come join us as we worship Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in song!

Fall Out of Summer Spectacular on August 23rd

On the evening of August 23rd Homeland Park Baptist Church will host an outreach to our community.

Saturday August 22nd @ 10:00 AM - We need volunteers to help pass out flyers to our community advertising the next day's event.  With enough people we can be finished by noon.  We need walkers, drivers and supporters.

Sunday, August 23rd @ 5:00 PM - We will be meeting in and around our Family Life Center in lieu of our Evening Worship Service.  There will be an inflatable bouncy house and 16’ slide for the children as well as snow cones and hotdogs for everyone.  We would like for our church members to bring Backpacks and Back to School supplies to give to our children in our community and local public schools as part of our Mission Action. God used this event in a great way in our church the past two years, we pray for the same this year.  Come be a part of this amazing night!

Set-Up Crews Please Arrive by 4:00 PM.

Birthdays and Anniversaries for August

Angie Watts                   8/2
Lucky Evans                  8/14
Ellen Christensen            8/15
Jason Elvington              8/19
Helen Ferguson              8/21
Janiece White                8/22
Lou Ellen Higgins            8/22
Shirley Edmonson           8/23
Andrea Briscoe              8/25
Robert Lee                    8/28

Jason & Elizabeth Elvington  8//11

July 26, 2015

Change Your World Today

We Are In Difficult Days: We live in a world consumed with pleasing its own desires, whether they encroach on the beliefs of others or not.  There is no clear winner.  Pick an issue, any issue.  The mantra is, “If you believe what I believe then you are right, if you do not then you are intolerant, closed minded, and uneducated.”  Both sides can make a clear case for their cause and often use Bible verses (out of context) to justify their convictions.  However, in a world that has lost the respect and discipline of seeing the Word of God as its absolute authority, many have become lost to their convictions that drift with the ebb and flow of public opinion.  Many may say, “We never saw this day coming!”.  Be comforted in the fact that almost two thousand years ago the Apostle Paul saw this day as he mentored his young protege’ Timothy.  Hear Paul’s words to him:

[2 Timothy 3:4-5] 4 They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. 5 They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!

How do we respond to this?  If you read further in [2 Timothy 3:10-14] you will hear Paul give Timothy the secret to thriving in difficult times.  What did he say?

1. Remain faithful to and trust the Biblical teachings you have been taught!
2. Know that God has prepared you for every good work you attempt!

Don’t get lost in the sway of public opinion! Don’t let emotions get the best of your good judgement and most of all seek to counter evil with good!  You can change the world today! Start with yourself!

July 23, 2015

Young Adult Road Trip To Greenville on August 1st

Riding The Waves Young Adult Small Group Bible Study: Get ready to act like a kid again. We will be going to Frankie's Fun Park in Greenville (Saturday - August 1), then eating at Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards. If you would like to ride the church bus with us, the plan is to leave the church at 3:00pm and be back around 8:00pm. Email Pastor James with any questions. - pastorjames@homelandparkbc.org