October 19, 2016

Let The Lions Roar

God uses our commitment to Him to reach others, even when placed in scary places. God holds us close and reaches others who are far away. We are unpacking this and more tonight at Wednesday Night Bible Study tonight @ 6:30 pm. You are officially invited :) 

 - Pastor James

October 8, 2016

All Things Are At Work

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, love and encouragement through a very tough time for our church members and myself. Everyone is healing from the wreck, many still need fervent prayers. God is on the move in my life and our church family. I can honestly say, I am ready to proclaim God's Word and the messages He has given me for tomorrow. There is so much craziness going on in our world right now, but I am taking solace in the fact that "All Things Work For God's Glory". We will be looking at Romans 8 tomorrow morning. The only way to make sense of current days is to focus on God's Word in the Bible. I encourage you to join us and continue to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

In Christ,

Pastor James

October 3, 2016

Birthdays and Anniversaries for October


Jason Rhodes                 10/1
Dorothy Dutton              10/2
Deborah James              10/3
Pauline Tate                  10/4
Sandra Culpepper           10/5
Molly Black                    10/10
Ross Christensen            10/10
Jimmy Cleveland            10/10
Caitlin Billings                10/11
Lonnie Vickery               10/11
Larry Black                    10/15
Delores Collier               10/15
Reba Geddings               10/17



Terry & Mary Lou Finley 10/11
Rick & Shirley Eubanks   10/15 

Mission Action for October


Mission Action


Our Mission Action for the month of October will be to complete our boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We still have plenty of empty boxes in the Bible Study Office if you need one. These will be placed on the altar on Sunday, October 30th. Please help to get this project completed.   

Trunk or Treat

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Monday, October 31st  6 PM
Each year more and more children and their families from our community stop by for this outreach event. Please bring your vehicle with candy to give out to the children in our community who come through our parking lot, as we reach out to their families. Dressing up and decorating your trunk is not a requirement to participate but is always appreciated.  As you can imagine there is a large demand for candy as well.  If you would like to donate candy please bring it to our Bible Study Office when you come to church.

October 1, 2016

Be Grateful for Another Sunday and Join Us

God Is On The Move

Last Monday (September 26) our church bus was involved in a horrific accident on I-85.  As dark as recent days have been, God's sovereign hand has been upon all of us.  Many are healing and two are still hospitalized.  The church family and community have been amazing with their love, outpouring and support.  It seems impossible to approach this Sunday as any other given Sunday.  I am thankful to see the sun again!  Join us this Sunday at 10:30am as we worship the God whose hand is upon us all.  The church is a family and lets get our family together.

Pastor James

September 15, 2016

Children's Church

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Beginning Sunday, September 18th, there will be Children’s Church for children ages four years through 5th grade. The children will be dismissed during the morning worship service when the choir comes down from the choir loft. Phyllis Swaney, our Children’s Church Leader, will stand by the piano for the children.