Spaghetti and Scripture on Jan 30th

Spaghetti and Scripture Wednesday Night (January 30th)
A Free Spaghetti Dinner Will Be Served At Wednesday Night Bible Study This Week. Joe Hansen will be treating us to a Spaghetti Dinner to accompany our Bible Study.  We begin at 6:30 pm.  This would be a great night to come out to Bible study to fill your stomach and your soul.

All-In: Leadership Vision Night

ALL-IN: LEADERSHIP VISION NIGHTTuesday, January 15 7:00 PM In The Family Life Center

This gathering is an invitation to all who serve at HPBC in a position or those who are interested in serving to come together to discuss, plan and pray for the new year.  Pastor James will present various events and themes for the year to get your input and ideas as the vision is cast for 2019. Light refreshments will be provided and the gathering will last no more than an hour.

Mission Action for January

Our Mission Action Project for the month of January will be for the Anderson Pregnancy Center. Save all the items you get and bring them on January 26 to the Baby Shower in the Family Life Center. We will have a drop-in shower from 10:00 AM until 12:00 Noon. Please do not wrap the items. Mrs. Audrey Shaw will be with us for any questions or discussion that arises.

WMU Prayer Emphasis for January

North American Mission Board: Alaska, Pamela Strickland
International Mission Board: State Convention Missionaries

Birthdays and Anniversaries for January

Birthdays Robert Holcombe1/1 Robert Hanks1/8 Sandra Martin1/15 Crystal Williams1/16 Clair Stamps1/19 Catherine Dean1/21 Thomas Keaton1/30 Marian Keys1/31 Sherry Partain1/31

AnniversariesRobert & Frances Holcombe1/17 Johnny & Janiece White1/27

Ignite Youth Weekend

Ignite: Youth Weekend (January 18-20)
Mark your calendars and save the date.  A group of Anderson University students will be assisting our church in leading a youth outreach weekend.  All of the activities will culminate with them leading our church in worship on January 20th in the am service.  There will be avenues for many to participate. We will need chaperones, prayer warriors, snack makers and more as we seek to reach out to this important group.  More details are coming on ways you can specifically help. If you have questions or ways to help, please see or email Pastor James (

Life Is All About Our Connections

IWe are connected to God by His hands creating us.  Because of sin, that connection was broken and now Jesus has restored that connection by offering Himself as a ransom “payment’ for our sins.  Those who accept Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord are connected to God through Jesus Christ. It seems simple to explain, but the weight of that is huge.  You and I did nothing to deserve being made right with God which makes the power of His mercy so great.
With that being said, God created us to be connected to others as well as Himself.  With the mercy that He has offered to us, why would we not want to extend that same grace to others? There is no doubt that the level of hatred toward those that do not agree, is at an all time high.  We counter that hate with grace. God is calling you and I to use our connection with Him to connect Him with others.
(Romans 10:14) 14 But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have nev…