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Jordan River In Concert on March 25th

Homeland Park Baptist Church 3010 Abbeville Highway Anderson, SC 29624
March 25, 2018 10:30 AM
The concert is free but a love offering will be collected for Jordan River
For More Information On Jordan River Contact (803) 542-4540

Rev Billy Graham, You Will Be Missed!

With a heavy heart yet hopeful spirit we say goodbye to @BillyGraham "Well done good and faithful servant!" You now get to see the beautiful truths you dedicated your life to sharing! You will be missed! You were the best of us!

Church Wide Valentine Party & Shut-In Ministry

Church Wide Valentine Party & Shut-In MinistrySunday, February 11th 6:00 PM In the Family Life Center. Plan to join us for our Valentine Party and Shut-In Ministry. Please bring addressed valentine cards for our shut-in's. Copies of our shut-in list are available in the Bible Study Office. Also, bring finger foods, desserts, and drinks for our party.

WMU Prayer Focus for February

WMU Prayer Focus
North American Mission Board: California, Greg Johnson
International Mission Board: European Peoples, Joel Jolley

Mission Action for February

Mission Action
Our Mission Action project for the month of February is for UNDER HIS WINGS. This is an eight week in house program for women with life-controlling addictions and is a ministry of Haven of Rest.
They can use: Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Coffee (Regular or Decaf), Sugar, Creamer, Sweet ‘N Low Sweetener, Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Kleenex, Bathroom Tissue, Snack Items, Kool-Aid, Microwave Popcorn, Good Christian Books, Bibles (preferably NIV), and Clean/Usable Dresses for church (sizes 16,18, 20) .
Please leave any of these items in the Bible Study Office.

Birthdays and Anniversaries for February

BirthdaysAnna Artman2/3 Phyllis Swaney2/10

AnniversariesDwain & Bertha Lyon2/28

Are You Overwhelmed?

Notes of Praise

Overwhelmed? Life can become very overwhelming no matter where you are in this journey we call life. Whether you are a young person in school, a young family with children, or even a senior saint - peer pressure, finances, sickness - there are many things in our life that can leave us feeling overwhelmed. During the month of February we will be "overwhelmed" in worship but in a good way. We will focus on being overwhelmed with the love that God has for us and the fact that He sent His only Son to die for us. What an overwhelming thought that is! When we become overwhelmed by Him all the things in life that seem to overwhelm us will become less overwhelming!

By Tammy Sanders - Worship Leader

What Is The Tide Pod Challenge and Why Are Teens Doing It?

HPBC Youth Corner

With each new year comes new challenges and new surprises. A challenge that has certainly come as a surprise in the past few weeks is the emergence of the Tide Pod challenge. For those who may not have heard of it, the “challenge” is to eat the colorful Tide detergent pods as if they were candy. For the majority of the population, the risks and dangers of such a “challenge” are clear and we avoid the health risks involved. This begs the question then, why is this challenge catching on, especially with teenagers?

As society becomes more and more connected, we’re learning the consequences of being able to instantly push content out to the entire world. This connectedness in combination with a deep seated desire for confirmation creates situations where people will do just about anything for attention. We’ve seen this before with the gallon challenge, the cinnamon challenge, and many other forms; the Tide Pod “challenge” isn’t the first of these fads, and it certainly won…