Mission Action for December

Our Mission Action for the month of December will be helping a family from Homeland Park Elementary School and another local family.

Homeland Park Elementary School Family

Carter - Boy – almost 2 years – boys’ size 2T

Jaiden - Boy – 1st Grade – boys’ 7/8 pants, medium shirt, or 7/8 shirt

Ja’nyah - Girl – age 4 – girls’ 6x pants or 7, medium shirt, or 6/7 shirt

Any clothes or toys would be greatly appreciated. Mom and Dad are taking care of their shoes.

Local Family
Girl #1 – men’s XL shirt, men’s Large pants
Girl #2 – girls’ junior small shirt, junior small pants
Boy #1 – men’s pants 36Wx29L, medium shirt
Boy #2 – boys’ large shirt, pants 7/8 

Please wrap these presents and attach a name tag to package.

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