RECAP for Christmas Caroling and Chili Cook Off on December 9th

Chili Judge Anna Briscoe

Our church family received a blessing by going out on Sunday and singing Christmas Carols to our members who are in nursing homes or cannot easily leave their homes.  Over 40 members of our family split into 3 groups to cover 12 families.  It was amazing to hear the testimonies of our members who said, "We were blessed more than those we were singing to".  It is amazing to see how a little action can do so much for sharing God's love during this season.

When we returned to the church we shared testimonies of how God worked during the caroling then enjoyed 10 different pots of Chili with all the fixings supplied by our members and food service committee.  Our judges had their work cut out for themselves but they rose to the challenge and did a great job.  This is definitely a Homeland Park Baptist Church tradition that we will want to do again.  If you missed it this year, make sure you join us in 2013.  Here are some more photos from the night.

Mrs. Helen Herring

Mrs. Lena Bell Brewster

Mr. Julius Turner

Time To Eat The Chili

Look At All The Yummy Cornbread

Chili Judge Anna Briscoe

Chili Judge - Deacon Rick Eubanks

Chili Judge - Worship Leader Tammy Sanders

The Chili Cook Off Winners
 First Place - Angie Watts
Second Place - Pauline Tate
Third Place - Mary Lou Finley

Pastor James With The Winners