New Sermon Series Intimacy With God Begins Sunday

Have you ever felt like God was distant?  We live in a culture where everything seeks to occupy the altar of our heart. This is a place that is reserved for God alone.  Many times by our own choice or the influence of others we slowly drift away in our fellowship with God.  Unfortunately, we view "Intimacy" in a physical setting.  Intimacy is not just about sex. Intimacy is marked by being in a close relationship with God. He is not one of our many relationships but the one that all others spawn and benefit from.  God is personal and interested in you.  You may feel forgotten but rest assured God has never forgotten you.  He wants you and I to place him in His appropriate position in our lives.  God wants to have a relationship with you, not based on what you do for Him but what He has done for you.  Don't miss this four week series on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am beginning May 19th.