The Cross and The Stone

Easter is only four weeks away, what are you doing to prepare to celebrate it? It seemed like the day after Valentine’s day, the stores were stocking up on candy, Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies and egg dying kits. It is no surprise that stores are wanting to capitalize on this Easter season, but what are you doing to prepare for Easter? I’m sure, like many others, are preparing a worship service for Sunday that would honor everything Jesus, but what about you? What about your heart?

You see, true worship is not attending a certain time slot in a church building, Worship is a daily decision to yield our lives to His will, His way, His love. As you prepare for Easter this year I pray you keep two images in the forefront of your mind.

1) The Cross: The cross was a horrendous form of capital punishment invented by the Romans to publicly execute criminals in a very inhumane way. The pain and agony that Jesus Christ felt on that cross, gave proof of the sacrificial love He has for you! Focus on that love this Easter season.

2) The Stone of The Empty Tomb: The large stone that sealed the tomb of Jesus Christ could not hold Him. Yes, Jesus rose from the dead, displaying His power over death and hell. His resurrection gives proof of our resurrection to come when He returns for us. No man moved that stone to let Jesus free, it was an act of God. During this Easter season, remember the power that God displayed through Jesus is the same power that holds you today.