Where Is God In The Coronavirus? Sermon and Notes from March 22, Facebook Live

A Word From Our Pastor:

We must remember in days like these, the church is not the walls and buildings that we gather in.  The church is the followers of Jesus who take the live saving message of Jesus to this world through our words and actions.  Due to the corona viurs we may not be able to physically gather together, but that will not stop us from worshiping together.  I have included the video rebroadcast of our facbook live service time toghether.  Please enjoy and share as possible and as always, if the Lord speaks to your hear, please share it with myself or your Pastor.  God Bless! Pastor James

Theme For The Sermon:

The coronavirus has impacted our world in ways we have never dreamed.  The effects of it will be long lasting, but as believers we have hope today.  God is in the middle of this virus and He is calling us to return to Him!

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