Drive-In Church, Sunday May 3rd @ 11:00am

Keep On Keeping On!

During this time of the Corona Virus Pandemic we will continue to meet for worship in our back parking lot until we deem it is safe to worship in our buildings again.  We are asking everyone to arrive at 10:45am as our ushers will direct you on where to park your vehicle. 

Everyone MUST Stay in Your Vehicles.  We want to worship together but we also want to be safe.  Our buildings and bathrooms will be closed. It is for this reason that our service will be a brief 30 minutes.  Come worship together as a family with your church family.  The service will also be on Facebook live.

This week Pastor James will be preaching on the importance of strengthening our faith and endurance.

Sermon Outline:

Here is a YouTube music playlist of songs that will be playing as we assemble that morning.  Take a moment to listen to them as you prepare to worship the Jesus!