Seeing The Many Faces of God

During the first days of my ministry here at HPBC, I have had the privilege of meeting some of our church members who are in medical care facilities.  Many times we see names on a prayer list and pray for them without "really" knowing them.  It is important for our church to never forget those who cannot physically attend worship services.  They may not be able to come into the building, but they are still members and can do great things for God in their daily lives.  If you have not taken the time to sit down with some of these saints, then you should.  You will be better for it by seeing God working in their lives. Here are some of the folks I met today.

In Him,

Pastor James

Lena Bell Brewster with Her Niece Alice
NHC Nursing Home

Harold Cowart
Richard M. Campbell Veterans Nursing Home

Annie Mae Johnson
Rainey Hospice House

If you would like to be a part of a team that visits our members who are shut in and homebound, please contact our church office at (864) 296-9751 or email Pastor James at