Tough Questions On Sunday Nights

Many Christians and non-believers have questions that they feel are too serious to ask or they think that God will be offended if they even ask.  God loves us and gave His greatest gift to bring us back to Him.  As a loving Father, He knows we will have times of doubt and anger. It is important that we channel our questions to Him and His word, not worldly wisdom and selfishness.  Join us on Sunday nights (6:00 PM) at Homeland Park Baptist Church as we ask God the tough questions and find the answers in the Bible.

  • November 18: What do I do when I am angry with God?
  • November 25: Can I really trust God?
  • December 2: How do I know God is there?
  • December 9: Christmas Caroling and Chili Cook-off (More Info)
  • December 16th: Guest Preacher: Rev. Landrum Reece
  • December 23rd: No PM Services
  • December 24th: Christmas Eve Service (More Info)
  • December 30: How do I know my faith is real?
  • January 6: Why does God give me choices?