New Ministry Opportunity In Good News Clubs

UPDATE: 08/14/2013

Dear Church, after research, limited availability and much prayer, our staff and missions coordinator have decided that sponsoring a Good News Bible Club at Homeland Park Primary School is not feasible for us at this time. Thank for those who showed interest. Let's pray that God may grow us to a point where we will be able to sponsor a group next year.

Pastor James

God has brought an amazing ministry opportunity to our door step.  Our church has been invited to sponsor a Good News Bible Club in Homeland Park Primary School.  Each Tuesday from 2:15 - 3:30 pm while school is in session, we will have the opportunity share the word of God with up to 80 students (Grades k-2).  The only thing keeping us from accomplishing this is having enough people to help, so we are depending on God to move in your heart. We need volunteers to teach, assist teachers, provide snacks, be shepherds for each grade that help children supervise their snack time, listen to Bible verses and sit with them during teaching time. There are other positions as well.

Usually, the first thing that comes to our mind is the reasons we cannot do this.  After you run through all of those excuses, then ask yourself, "I have my reasons that I cannot do this, but is God calling me to this opportunity anyway?"  Here is the bottom line! There are 390 students in Homeland Park Primary School of which 80% do not go to church anywhere.  We need 5-8 volunteers that will serve. If we do not tell these children about Jesus who will?  Do not miss this blessing.  If you are interested in helping, please fill out an interest card in Sunday's bulletin  or you can email Pastor James, and someone will contact you.

For More Information on Good News Clubs, Follow This Link: Good News Clubs