Thank You Letters From Our Members for July

Thank you to everyone for being so good to me during my time at Homeland Park Baptist Church. I look forward to being closer to my son, but will always have you in my heart. Sincerely,
Margie Purdy

In every way we accept this with all gratitude. Through the love and caring of The Homeland Park Baptist Church family we felt Christ. Words do not express how sincerely blessed the Millard Hart family feels to have you touch our lives and how grateful we are for all you did for us that gave us the time together to grieve and remember our loved one Joan Hart Smith. A special thanks to all from our family to yours!
Rennie Morrell Acts 24:3

Thank you so much for the kindness you showed to our family by serving us lunch after the funeral of our loved one, Joan Hart Smith. Of course, the food was delicious, but we are most grateful for your love and support during our time of grief. People like you keep our church, community and country strong by sharing the love of Christ. Thanks also for your prayers. They mean a lot. Gratefully yours,
The Millard Hart Family

I would like to thank you all for everything that you have done over the many years that my family has been part of this congregation and especially the past year and a half. Daddy loved this church so much and wanted so much for it. He had such compassion for lost souls and those who didn't have day to day needs met. When I walk in this church I see many people who have a played a part in my life and my family's lives. I can still see Granny Allen handing out suckers, Mr. Joe Payne, Red Nixon, Lawrence Turner and my Granddaddy, John D. ushering, Mrs. Payne in her hat, my Grandmother Christine sitting in the pew laughing and Preacher Neill preaching. Now, I see my precious Daddy standing in the pulpit, grinning and looking out to see who isn't there so he can visit them during the next week. I can still hear him singing praises and talking about the Lord. I am so thankful for each of you and for the love that you have shown my precious Mother also. She loves this church and has the same vision that Daddy had for it. Your prayers, and many others, have been a blessing. She is one of the strongest people I have ever known but even she needs lifting up sometimes. And I am eternally grateful that this church family is there when Terri, Mark or myself can't be. I'm thankful for the reassurance that Daddy is with Jesus, singing to top of his lungs and walking tall beside Him. I can imagine some of the conversations that he and Stan Watts have had!! I'm also thankful that I will see him again and the others that have gone ahead!! What a reunion we're all going to have!! My prayer is, for this church to thrive and reach people that no one else can reach! Preacher James can't do it by himself. I pray for him and his wife. It's not easy being a minister or a minister's wife. They need your prayers, daily! Happy Father's Day to all fathers and to my sweet Daddy in heaven!
Love in Christ,
Susie Cox Guy and Terri Cox Shaw

We want to thank Pastor James and the Homeland Park Baptist Church Family for providing us the wonderful food, but most of all your prayers in the loss of our loved one.
The Ruby Selman Family