Pastor's Post For August "Plugging In"

I remember hearing a story of someone who called a computer technician in hopes of having her computer fixed.  Her chief compliant was, "When I hit the power button to turn on the computer it does nothing.  It will not turn on!"  Without missing a beat the technician asked, "Is the computer power cord plugged in?"  After a moment of silence on the line, the caller sheepishly laughed, said thank you and hung the phone up.  The point of this story is that we must be plugged in to experience and see the power of God at work in our life and the church.  There are many opportunities that I pray you will take advantage of.  I know God is calling his people to plug into what He wants for HPBC to accomplish, I just pray you will be obedient to that call. Here are a few opportunities:

August 10th - Our Saluda Baptist Association E.P.I.C. conference. Remember to let you Bible Study teacher know if you are planning to attend by this sunday (July 28)

September 1st - Deacon Election Vote:  Our nomination process ended on July 14th. Our deacons are praying over the nominees and will be presenting names for a vote.  If you are one of the men who are contacted to serve, please earnestly pray about answering this call to lead.  If you think you cannot do it, you are right.  We have all learned in our own strength we fail but in God's strength we can do anything.

August 11th - Nomination Committee Cards Due:  We all know that church does not just happen.  It takes a team of committed men and women who use their God given talents to serve His church.  Our new church year begins in September and our Nominating Committee is trying to assemble our committees for the 2013-2014 church year. Please take time to fill out a Nomination Committee card to let us know your intent for the next church year if you are currently serving.  If you would like to serve on a committee or are just interested in finding where help is needed, you may indicate that on the card as well.  Our nomination committee is comprised of:
  • Lou Ellen Higgins (Bible Study Director), Betty Sanders (WMU), Harold Sanders (Tellers and Finance), Rick Eubanks (Ushers) and our Deacons for other committees.
God is at work here at HPBC! Plug-in and discover for yourself.

In Him,

Pastor James