Weekly Youth Update: 9/16-9/22

The past few weeks have been exciting with our Bible studies and socials. The fun will continue this Wednesday with our Bible Study series, Christian Basics. Last week we looked at the Trinity and this week, we will be studying the attributes of God. The Family Life Center opens at 6:00 Wednesday evening for hanging out and basketball and Bible study begins at 6:30. We finish up just before 7:30. Please join us for this great time of fellowship and study and invite family and friends!

Sunday evening after the worship service the youth and their families will be going to Fuddruckers for a group dinner! We should arrive back to the church between 8:30-8:45. Please bring money for your meal. The following menu is available if you need an idea of the costs: http://www.myfuddruckers.com/worlds-greatest-hamburgers.php.

Sunday, October 6, is the Saluda Baptist Association Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting for the adults begins at 4:30 PM at Concord Baptist Church and the business/worship begins at 6:35 PM. The association is hosting a separate youth rally that evening for the youth at 5:30 PM at North Anderson Baptist Church. We will leave Homeland Park at 5:00 to arrive early. The event ends at 7:30 and we will do our best to be back to Homeland Park by 7:45.

Finally, our youth retreat is coming up in November! The ENGAGE youth retreat will be from November 15-17 at Camp Longridge in Ridgeway, SC. More information is below:

Location: Camp Longridge (Ridgeway, SC)
Date: November 15-17
Cost: $99 (Covers meals, lodging,
devotional booklets, t-shirts)

Email me at jason@homelandparkbc.org if you have any questions or need more information about any upcoming events! We are looking forward to a great few months ahead!