Great Events Begin With An Idea

One of the many things I love about pastoring is the way ideas for events come together.  There are many great repetitive events that occur weekly, monthly and yearly, just because that is what the church “has always done”.   However, there are times when God speaks through the imaginations and passions of His people.  Even though they may not realize it at the time. For example, a few weeks ago, one of our members walked into Wednesday Night Bible Study and said, “We need to have a homecoming!”  It came out of the blue, we had not even been talking about it. There is the idea! Granted people will always be filled with ideas and opinions, but when God speaks, people are willing to support that idea.  The person followed their comment with, “ . . . and I’ll be glad to help put it together.” Before you know it after much prayer, some phone calls, emails,  and meetings, we are having homecoming on Sunday, Nov. 1.

Former pastor Dr. Wayne Dickard will be preaching along with some other surprises with a covered dish meal to follow.  We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to you inviting many of your friends and bringing baskets of food.  This began with an idea!  What ideas do you have that God has given you?  If you are willing to share and pursue them, we can do great things for God! Keep Dreaming!

In Him,

Pastor James