Homeland Park Community Gives Back To Our Church

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a great thing that has happened at our church.  For some time the Homeland Park Community Watch Group has been utilizing our fellowship hall to conduct their monthly meetings.  Many of our members attend as well.  We believe the best way to reach the community is to be in the community.  The Groups leader Walter Lanier along with other leaders saw the need our youth had to have some new basketball to play with.  To some it may not seem like much but to the youth of our community is is a great gift.  I wanted to thank Walt and his group for their gift of support and love.

In Him,

Pastor James

Read this post from Walter Lanier

Thank you to all those who helped out to buy new basketballs for the youth group at Homeland Park Baptist Church.  We had enough to buy new nets, basketball pumps and extra pump needles. It is greatly appreciated.

All the kids weren't here tonight. We took some photos for you to see your donation at work. Youth Pastor Nathan O'Neill said thank you. This was on his to do list. Also I would like to thank Britt Grooms manager of TD Bank South Main branch for their donation of nerf balls, inflatables, bubbles and school pencils.

Thank you all.
Carolyn Sanders Shawn Davis Vicki Stansell Powell Joshua McGuire Michael McAlister Kevin Scott Ken Swilling Jackie Rought Hawley Sharon Harbin Wright Valerie McGee Diane Prince

For more information for how you can get involved with the Homeland Park Community Crime Watch, check out their webpage @ http://www.hpcw.org

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