Our Church Bus Is Recommissioned

Our church experienced an emotional and touching service this past Sunday as we recommissioned our church bus for ministry.  For those that do not know, at the end of September 2016 this bus was carrying the Pastor and a group of Senior adults on a day trip to Helen, Ga.  While traveling on I-85 they were in a terrible accident.  Many of our members were hospitalized and one eventually passed away.  This has been a difficult time for our church, however God is not done with HPBC yet.

Our church has experienced the love and support of our members, other churches, our community and far above what we could have imagined.  Why did God allow this to happen?  That is the wrong question to ask because there will never be a concrete answer on this side of heaven. We continue to press on, give God the glory and trust that He knows best.

All throughout the Bible, God has instructed His followers to build altars.  Altars are places of worship that remind us of how God has worked in our lives. They are reminders of why we need to live a life that is set apart for Him and be sure to give Him glory for everything.  He led us to CMS Garage who restored the bus in an unbelievable way.  They truly put their hearts into this repair. In the photos you see some of our members getting back on that bus and sitting in the very same seat they were in when the wreck happened.  It was emotional for us, but what a testimony of the strength that can be found in Christ.  Only He can enable you to do what you think is impossible.

This bus is a reminder to our church of how God provided. God is healing our members and continues to move among our church.  This bus will be used to share the gospel of Jesus.  This bus is an altar to remind everyone of God's faithfulness and restoration.  If your life is wrecked, take heart and know that God can always mend what is broken for His glory. #ourstoryHisglory

Sermon Preached For Bus Recommissioning Service on 04/23/2017: It Is Time To Build An Altar