Prayer Ministry Updates

At the beginning of the year, our leadership felt led to make prayer a priority in 2015. I know that sounds like it should be a given for a church, but there is a difference between praying and church and being a praying church. One addition we have made is the Worship Prayer Team. Each week members are praying specifically during the morning services for God to move and lives to be touched. Many have taken advantage of this that have not been able to come to other prayer meetings. It is so encouraging to hear their testimonies of how God is using that special time in their lives.

Secondly, in an effort to keep our public prayer list accurate we are adding some guidelines to keep it fresh and current.
  • 1. All prayer list requests need to be made through our church office either by phone or email. Any prayer request that is submitted must have the consent of the person being prayed for. Some people cherish the prayers of their friends and family but do not want it published in a public forum. Secondly, the HIPPA laws mandate that medical records are private and can only be displayed with the patient’s consent.
  • 2. All requests will be kept on the public prayer list for one month from the time it is posted. At the end of one month if you would like for that request to remain, please call or email our church office. You can give an update to the request or simply ask for them to be kept on the list for another month. If no update has been given to the church office at the end of one month, the request will be taken off the list. We do not want to arbitrarily take anyone off our prayer list. We do want those who submit requests to be the contact person for us so we can continue to pray specifically for them.
With these new guidelines we can pray more specifically for people. Those who place the request can take ownership of the request and keep us updated on developments. This way we will be able to track how the prayers are answered and see where any special needs may be. The leadership and I look forward to seeing how these changes will enhance our ministry and your prayer life.

Prayer Moves Mountains,

Pastor James