The Beauty of Growth

[Psalm 147:7-8] 7 Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; play the lyre to our God, 8 who covers the sky with clouds, prepares rain for the earth, and causes grass to grow on the hills.

One of my favorite things about spring time is seeing the grass in my yard go from the winter shade of brown, back to the vibrant green of spring. Of course, with the rejuvenated grass comes the responsibility of fertilizing, watering and cutting.  Anything of beauty requires effort on our part to sustain it. Just like Adam, God has given us a beautiful life to tend.  Make every effort to weed out sin in your life and fertilize your soul with the Word of God. Do not be afraid to try new things for the Lord. Everyday we are either growing or dying in our spiritual life.  If God is leading you to do something for Him take a chance. Love Him, worship Him and serve Him because there are beautiful results for you to enjoy and others to admire.

In Him,

Pastor James