Pastor's Post for May 2015

Dear Church Family,

We have seen God do great things through our ministries last month.  It was exciting to see Jason and our youth ministry partner with Greater Love Church to host the basketball tournament.  My heart was blessed to see so many teenagers using our gym to build community and glorify Jesus Christ.  I also appreciate the hard work our worship team put into their Easter Worship Celebration. My heart was moved to see so many singing and praising in the was a glimpse of what could be.  I thank God that He has raised up men to help our church staff and members when they need help with fixing things and making access ramps for those who need them. God blessed our church by providing enough for us to surpass our Annie Armstrong mission offering goal which means He is allowing us to touch the lives of many around our nation for Him. There are many other reasons for celebrating what God is doing in your life, my life, and the life of the church.

I would like to share with you two specific areas of opportunity where we need you, our church family, to seek God’s face, pray and serve.

1)  General Budget:  Our Budget and Finance Committee has been keeping close tabs on our financial portrait and wanted to let all of us know that the “surplus” of our general budget is getting smaller.  We are losing the cushion between what is budgeted and what is brought in.  This is not to cause alarm, only to alert you that your tithes and offerings do matter. We have lost many in our church in recent days due to death, and that is a factor but not a significant one.  I want to remind you that tithing is not about the amount but the heart.  In an effort to be good stewards of our finances we are asking that for now, anyone who is purchasing items out of their budget call the church office for permission.

2)  Children’s Vision Team:  We are beginning to make some changes to enhance our children’s ministry.  Our team has a plan and initial leadership in place but they need others to come alongside and help them.  Be praying now to see if God may be leading you to help in our children’s ministry.

God has got great plans for you and His church! I treasure your prayers, support, encouragement and service.

In Him,

Pastor James