Be A Fan For Other People

Are you a Tiger or a Gamecock?  Many give their support to either Clemson or Carolina while some pull for other schools and even a smaller minority could care less. Everyone likes to support something!  Everyone likes to be encouraged!  We want to be a part of a team/institution that is making a difference.  I was never a star athlete, but I do remember my Junior High and High School football days where our games would have the stadiums rocking and at other times you could hear the chirp of crickets. Too often the momentum of the game dictated the excitement level of the crowd, when actually the opposite is true. The excitement of the crowd has a direct impact on the momentum of the game.

When you have someone supporting you, encouraging you, wearing your colors and chanting your name, you feel as if there is nothing you cannot achieve.  The bible speaks to the importance of being a fan of others.  In Hebrews 10 we see the writer encouraging Christians to exhort and strengthen other believers.  How do we do that?

  • [vs. 19-21] Attend the games! (Go To Church). You have an all-access pass thanks to the saving work of Jesus Christ. He paid our admission.
  • [vs 22-23] Prepare yourself, get rid of any hindrances and cheer because you know your team is going to win the game.
  • [vs. 24-25]  Make sure you are encouraging your team and other players to not get weary. Treat each other with respect and love one another.

This sounds like the type of church I want to attend and lead.  We who are called by God’s name must be a fan of other people.  We attend church to not only get strength for ourselves, but to encourage others that are in the game with us.  Stay in the game!  Attend church to encourage others and know the game is ending soon!

In Him,

Pastor James