Make Disciples

I have been so blessed to see our church staff and leadership go above and beyond during Vacation Bible School.  Mary Lou and her team of decorators, teachers, cooks and helpers gave the children and their families of the Homeland Park community a clear picture of who Jesus is.  I never grow weary of seeing people serve and children coming to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.  The purpose of VBS and everything else we do, is to make Christ known and grow disciples.  The great thing about VBS is that it is a “front door” to many who will prayerfully walk through and allow our church family to minister to them.  Please, pray for us we follow up with those who made decisions.  Pray that the seed that was sowed will gain roots and be washed away. [Matthew 13]

Also, I am looking forward to our Sunday Nights Alive Praise events that we will have this month.  I always enjoy the fellowship with other believers.  We are a church family! Families enjoy spending time together. Use these nights to invite those who may be curious about church.  The two greatest witnessing tools you have are your personal story of how you met Christ and an invitation to church.  Use them both and watch God do great things in your life and the lives of others.

In Christ,

Pastor James